Our Advocates

Our advocates are Accredited Disability Representatives in the field of Social Security Disability.  With a combined experience of over 15 years, you're in good hands with us. We are qualified, tested and working for YOU!


Accredited Disability Representatives

Foster Disability Associates


ReDonna is truly the heartbeat of Foster Disability Associates.  She acts as our liaison with the Social Security Administration and their processing offices. The support she provides to the company, our clients, and to us is invaluable.  She completes our team and is ready and available to help get your claim started.   


Christina, owner of Foster Disability Associates, is an Accredited Disability Representative.  She has been involved in disability representation for over 10 years.  Her career began out of a desire to help people navigate the complexities of SSA after helping family members through the process. In order to obtain her ADR qualification she was required to pass a rigorous test demonstrating her expertise in the Social Security Disability program and she must consistently abide by the rules, regulations and code of ethics set forth by the SSA. 

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Ronald began his career in the field of disability in 2009.  After seeing the impact of his wife's work in the lives of people in their community he felt a desire to become a part of the process.  He has managed all aspects of the disability process from initial application through hearing preparation and from accounting to public relations.   His compassion and heart for people make him a huge asset to the company and our clients.   

​​Accredited Disability Representatives

  • Compassion for our clients 
  • Commitment and dedication
  • Open and honest communication
  • Accurate assessment of your claim
  • Personalized representation
  • Proactive processing of claims
  • Clients welfare always comes first

We Care

Our firm is designed to take care of our clients during their most vulnerable times.

We hold our clients in the highest regard, with our client's welfare the sole object of our efforts.