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Social Security Disability Advocacy and Representation​​

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Social Security disability claims are complex and require the claimant to provide volumes of detailed information about themselves and their disabling impairments.  We can help make sure your claim is complete so your disability can be proven at the earliest possible step.

Foster Disability Associates clients are personally screened and represented by the same experienced, well qualified disability professional who will guide them throughout the process.  Our mission is to provide quality, personal representation while taking a proactive stance to help claimants secure their benefits as soon as possible. 

  • ​​​​Free consultation to advise you on the merits of your claim

  • Track your case and guide you through the process

  • Assist in completing all of the SSA paperwork

  • Fully utilize SSA's electronic forms to expedite your claim

  • Work hand in hand with you to strengthen your claim

  • Representation on initial claims, appeals, and ​the hearing

       ~We Fight The Battle For You, It's What We Do!